Minding your Mindset: The Blame Game

I wish I had taken the safe route and did a traditional career. My parents were right. I see all my friends I went to school with making money. I have so many downswings. Everybody else is always winning. Sounds familiar doesn't it? I hate poker. Many [...]

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Minding your Mindset: Mindfulness

As we learned in the previous article, self awareness is indispensable. To that effect, I mean a truly high level of self awareness. The only way to achieve this level of self awareness is through mindfulness exercises. The most popular and the most impactful exercise is meditation. In this article I want to [...]

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Minding your Mindset: Self Awareness

Self awareness is like a muscle. A muscle we spend working out everyday, and if you skip days it will deteriorate. How do I become more self aware in game? To be honest, there’s no one answer that fits all, but I can tell you that it is damn important. [...]

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Minding your Mindset: Downswings

Let's start with one of the most impactful mistakes - Falling in love with your poker hand. We all hate it; we don't want it, but have to face it. There is no way around it; only straight ahead through it. I’m talking about the dreaded downswing The Raise Your [...]

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Statement regarding Upswing Tournament Masterclass

Whether intentional or not Upswing Poker unfortunately chose the same name for their course. I have received a lot of questions about are they the same? are we affiliated? so I wanted to clarify whats going on. To be fair, I think it's at least questionable that they have never heard of Raiseyouredge and our [...]

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No stress

Livepoker: No Sweat Dont`pressure yourself too much. How can we keep calm during live poker? How is it possible to avoid confusion caused by the various factors that have an influence on our decision-making? The process of reading opponents, evaluating ranges, trying to avoid personal live-tells, as well as keeping track of different stack [...]

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Correct bankroll management for hyper-turbo sit-and-go’s

Correct bankroll management for hyper-turbo sit-and-go's Bankroll management is more than just stop-loss limits. You know the situation: The question is, which bankroll management for hyper-turbo SNGs is suitable? Don't panic, I won't ramble on about highly complicated formulas concerning variance and standard deviation. No, I want to give you a strategy which [...]

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The Top 5 Methods for Effective Learning

Effective Learning Effective learning. Not really that complicated. You learn, analyze and study your opponents and still don't make any progress? You don't really feel like you have an edge on your respective buy-in level? You can't really put what you've learned into practice? You consistently repeat the same mistakes over and over [...]

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