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NLH Cashgame Poker Coaching

6-9 max Cashgame Poker Coachings mit FaLLout86

Sit and Go Poker Coachings

The goal from our coach FaLLout86 is to show you how a structured gameplay can look like and how you can implement this in your game that you can develop and see the mistakes by yourself.
You don’t know why your fifth shot failed again? You get into a lot of tough situations with medium strength hands?
An independent third person will see the leaks way faster than you can yourself.
Cause you’ll rate many spots as standard spots and you don’t realize how much negative impacts it has on your game.

I will teach you in the following topics:
Unexploitable + Exploitative Openraisingranges
Calling game
C-Bet game
Thin valuebetting
Use the correct stats
Exploit vs. balance
How to bluff correctly
Perfect Betsizing
Database analysis with HM2

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NLH Cashgame Poker Coachings: Guideline for private Coachings

For the first hour of your Cashgame Poker Coaching it makes sense to do a video review. In this format you record your live play and then you watch it together with our coach FaLLout86. Thereby it is possible that our coach gets very fast a good impression of your game and see your potential leaks.
Alternatively you can start with hand reviews to a specific topic when you know that you have leaks in this part of your game. In the following hours the discovered leaks will be analyzed in detail and you will get a solution to your problems.


Private Poker Coaching: Prices


» 3 hours (45€/h): Price: 135€

» 5 hours (42€/h): Price: 210€

» 7 hours (40€/h): Price: 280€

» 10 hours (38€/h): Price: 380€


Single lesson: 50 €/h

There is always the option for both sides, student and coach, to cancel the Cashgame Poker Coaching at any time. Obviously you will get your money back for the time we didn`t finish the coaching.

If you are interested then click here and choose your package (without any obligations!).
We will get in touch with you as fast as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask: fallout86@raiseyouredge.com or use our booking form.


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