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Only working with professional poker players.

single lesson3 hours5 hours7 hours9 hoursgeneral question

single lesson3 hours5 hours7 hours10 hoursgeneral question

What can I learn from you?
There would be an exhaustive list if I included every topic I could cover but here are some of the more commonly requested ones:
Bluff-catching: Knowing exactly how to determine whether you should call or fold facing bets
How to determine optimal bet-sizing
Strategy development (How to create strong and effective studying methodologies)
Optimal Preflop ranges
Exploitative adjustments vs population tendencies as well as player specific exploits
Software tools (PioSolver, MonkerSolver, Equilab, ICMizer, HM2, PT4) and Server Setup
Solvers: Tree-building, Solver strategy interpretation, effective scripting, node-locking


single lesson3 hours6 hours12 hoursgeneral question